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Cannabis Rights Statement by an Individual in SA - 5 Easy Steps

One way to protect yourself against potential and pending cannabis prosecutions in South Africa is to make a statement under oath claiming your basic human rights.

Step 1

Click on the banner below and save the editable document.

Step 2

Edit the green text with your own details and change the colour of the text to black (Your details at the top, and your name under where you sign at the end).

Step 3

Print out your final edit and take the statement to your local SAPS or a Commissioner of Oaths. Complete filling out the document (in blue pen) in the presence of the relevant Commissioner, initial each page, then date and sign it at the end. The Commissioner of Oaths must then complete the last section of the document and stamp it with an official date stamp.

Step 4

Make at least 4 copies of the original certified document and have the copies certified at your local SAPS or Commissioner of Oaths.

Step 5

Keep the original document and either submit a copy to the relevant departments as a declaration of your rights (Ministers of Police, Justice, Constitutional Development, National Prosecuting Authority etc...), or if you have a pending case, submit it as evidence in your defence.

** Contact Delta 9 Envirop or The Human Rights Front of SA for the relevant addresses where you can serve State departments.


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