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Pay Back The Dagga!

In this video, Eye Witness News' Thomas Holder

recently interviewed our friends and colleagues, Johann and Mirishin, on the state of cannabis legalization in South Africa. Despite the Western Cape High Court ruling on 31 March 2017, which basically states that arresting an adult on private property for cannabis offences is unconstitutional, there has actually been an increase in these types of arrests.

Delta 9 Envirop has taken note that in most of these cases, and especially when millions of rands worth of cannabis medicine is confiscated, the alleged offenders are put through the ordeal of being arrested and processed only to have the charges against them withdrawn, before even appearing in front of a magistrate! To add insult to injury, the SAPS refuses to return the confiscated products or to provide proof that it has been destroyed. As far as we at D9E can tell, if the State doesn't intend prosecuting, ALL confiscated product AND equipment MUST be returned since there is no proof that what was confiscated even contains any kind of prohibited substance, or that any offences were committed with it. D9E has a policy of standing up against these kinds of offences by the State against We The People and are in the process of drafting a 'cease and desist' letter which will be delivered to the Minister of Police as well as the Police Commissioners of each Province. We believe that this will pave the way for victims of these attacks by police to turn around and sue the State for the value of the product and equipment seized. We hope that this should make them think twice about continuing to strip us of our rights in this way.

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