Cover Your Crop Seed Packs



Cover Your Crop Seed Packs are here! Each seed pack is enriched with mycorrhizal fungi and kelp flake and will boost the micro-biome in each of your potted plants.


Companion planting is a natural and affordable long term organic solution to providing natural insecticides and fungicides for your Cannabis garden.

Cannabis responds to companion planting with stronger growth, greater resistance to disease and pests and better yields, which results in more oil production. A collection of plants grown together that support each other and cannabis are called guilds.


Guilds act as diverse micro-ecosystems, that improve overall soil quality, water penetration and retention and bio-availability of nutrients. Healthy guilds attract beneficial insects and small creatures that prey on pests that can damage cannabis. Companions often disguise the unique cannabis aroma of flowering plants and hides the strong smell unavoidable during the flowering stage.


Small rocks placed randomly among the growing area can become homes for predatory spiders or reptiles that will also help keep insects under control. Lizards are very effective hunters of larger insect pests like moths and can get rid of ants extremely well.


Companions can also act as living mulch, provide shade, green manure, added nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This can all be achieved by planting the correct companions.

Cover Your Crop Seed Packs
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