Clamps are a  simple solution for connecting ducting to Inline Fans, Carbon Filter, Ducting Splitters or Air Cooled Reflectors. Fitted with a worm screw, tighten with a screwdriver in a few seconds.  Clamps provide a secure connection, ensuring your extraction system remains securely connected.


The Clamps are made from strong, Stainless Steel  They are super easy to install and will last you for many grow to come. To install a clamp, you simply screw it open wide enough to fit over the end of your ducting, slip your ducting over the Fan/Reflector/Carbon Filter’s flange and screw it closed to ensure your ducting is fastened on tightly.


Available in a few different sizes to suit all ducting sizes. They are an efficient, cost-effective method of joining ventilation equipment.


Clamp Sizes:

14-32mm (for larger water pumps)            95-121mm              108-133mm             133-159mm
197-222mm            241-267mm           286-311mm


Clamps are an adjustable steel band that the user tightens with a screw. Most people generally know this kind of fitting as a Jubilee Clip which is often in the plumber's toolbox. The premise is the same just on a bigger scale to suit ducting, not water pipes. The worm gear that adjusts the tightness allows a secure connection between ducting and fan or filter.


Many growers use ducting clamps in combination with Aluminium tape. This makes an even stronger join with the advantages of both. The tape has a bigger surface area for joining and can go round and round as many times as you want. It can degrade after a while though so the Ducting Clamp will increase holding power of the join.

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