Bud Trimmer Hydroponic Pruning Scissors with Curved Blades + Humidity Tester

A great set for growers and harvesting! Hydroponic pruning scissors with titanium curved blades PLUS an LCD Humidity tester.

Hydroponic pruning scissors features:
- Titanium plated stainless steel blades increase longevity, durability, and sharpness
- Extra Sharp curved blades with a pointed tip to reach intricate areas
- Ultra-light for easy pruning
- Ergonomic handles with soft comfort grip
- Microtip for precision trimming
- Spring-loaded to reduce hand fatigue
- Built-in safety lock for comfortable storage when not in use
- Ideal for precision pruning, trimming and harvesting of: indoor and outdoor plants, bonsai trees, vines, hydroponic buds, herbs, and delicate flowers.

LCD Humidity tester and thermometer features:
- The large-character LCD display, low power consumption
- Displays temperature, humidity and time simultaneously
- High stability & accuracy
- Degree C/ Degree F unit selectable
- Desk-top placing or Wall Hanging
- Lightweight and portable
- Daily alarm
- Calendar Display

- Screen Size: W:9cm L:10cm
- Colour: white
- Temperature range: -10 +50 Degree C (14 +122 Degree F)
- Temperature accuracy: +/-1 degree (1.8 degree F)
- Temperature resolution: +/- 0.1 degree C(0.2 degree F)
- Humidity range: 10% 99% RH
- Humidity accuracy: +/-5% RH
- Humidity resolution: 1% RH
- Power Supply: 1x 1.5V AAA battery (NOT INCLUDED)

What's in the box
1x Pair of scissors
1x LCD Humidity tester

Bud Trimmer Hydroponic Pruning Scissors with Curved Blades + Humidity Tester
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