Silicon Plus

Silicon Plus

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Silicon Plus soluble silica liquid, fortified with potassium, enhances plant resistance to a biotic stresses such as drought, heat and cold and biotic stresses such as resistance to pests and diseases.


Take note that Silicon Plus has got a high alkaline pH and pH monitoring and control is necessary when using this product. Use Silicon Plus as a prevention rather than a cure for disease.

Silicon and biological control agents are synergistic and complementary.


Minimum specifications:
Potassium as K: 33 g/kg
Silica as Si: 96 g/kg

Silicon Plus can be used as a soil drench  with Trichoderma and Biological insecticide during early to late stages of vegetative growth.

Dosage: 2ml per 5L of water.


Can be applied through the irrigation system. It should be applied using a separate irrigation cycle without other fertilizers to avoid possible precipitation problems.


In containerised nurseries and hydroponic facilities, a weekly application is recommended.


With tree crops (citrus, avocados, apples, coffee, stone fruit etc.) it is best applied as a drench onto the root zone every two months. The recommended rate is 5 litres of solution per tree, mixed at a rate of 1000 ppm (400mℓ/100ℓ water).


Can help with Penicillium digitatum (green mould), Sclerotinia stem rot, Rust, Fusarium wilt, Powdery mildew, Red spider mite, Root knot nematode.

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