ROOTiT Small Heat & Insulation Mat Set

ROOTiT Small Heat & Insulation Mat Set

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The ROOTiT Small Heat & Insulation Mat Set will raise your propagator temperatures 10 to 15 °C above the ambient temperature. This will enable you to germinate and clone successfully during the colder times of the year and will also help you to sprout seeds that require higher temperatures to germinate. The insulation pad will ensure that all of the heat generated by the heating mat will be directed upwards – towards your propagation dome.


ROOTiT Heat Mats produce a gentle heat, generated by the single mesh element encased inside a waterproof, fray-proof matting. Place the mat under a propagator or similar non-draining container, not inside of them. The mats’ surface temperate may however exceed 50°C when turned on and should ideally be used with a temperature controller. Inserting a temperature controller’s waterproof temperature probe into the substrate used inside the propagator will enable you to regulate your substrate temperature automatically. Always try to match up your propagator size to your heat mat size. If the pad is larger than the propagator there will be heat loss on the exposed mat areas. If the pad is smaller than the propagator, the substrate will not be heated uniformly and/or adequately.


Heat Mat:

  • Power cord: 1.8m, with 2 pin plug
  • Dimensions: 25cm x 35cm
  • Power draw: 11 W
  • Waterproof: NO
  • Fire or electrical shock may result from improper use
  • Do not place mat inside seed trays or cover with soil
  • Never submerge heat mat in water, or get it wet
  • Ensure unit is not plugged in during installation, handling, or removal.
  • Do not use if heating element becomes exposed
  • Do not use if heat mat is punctured or ruptured

Insulation Mat:

  • Dimensions: 25 cm x 35 cm
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