Professional Selling Skills Training

Professional Selling Skills Training

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A key to a successful cannabis retail business is effect salespeople. Our Professional Selling Skills training will help equip you and your staff with the skills you need to be successful. A common downfall is talking too much. You have an exceptional product and can’t wait to share all the details, but the first step is to wait. Our training will teach you how to discover and understand the needs of your customer as a first step.

A professional salesperson needs a specific set of skills and a particular mindset, and we will help you get there. Our Professional Selling Skills training teaches you everything from controlling a conversation to key questions for uncovering a customer’s needs. After our training, you will be fully prepared to connect with customers, overcome potential objections, and close sales confidently. We provide a way to meet commercial and sales objectives.

This comprehensive selling skills training includes six modules to ensure a well-rounded experience. First, you will explore how to properly and effectively listen to customers, and how it can help you drive sales. Next, you will take a deep dive into professional selling skills such as controlling a conversation, open-ended questions, closed questions, and operational questions.

Third, you will explore the importance of listening and how to do it effectively. Then, you will delve into how to handle specific types of objections from clients. And then you will learn about shifting your mindset to ensure success. Lastly, you will discover various buyer types and how best to relate to them and close the sale.

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