Pink Mango Gelato

Pink Mango Gelato

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Pink Mango Gelato, bred by Green Smoke Room Seeds is an indica dominant hybrid, with its genetic parents being, White Widow x Somango & Pink Gelato. This medium sized plant, with THC levels of between 18 and 23% and a short flowering time of just 6 - 8 weeks should not be underestimated. The medium to large yield will keep cultivators happy for awhile. The strain offers an incredibly balanced body and mental high. With Somango being a dominant parent, the creeping body high forms in the arms, legs, eyes and the temple area, and then shortly afterwards, the White Widow comes in with a cerebrally energetic euphoria that compliments the couch-lock that you will be unable to avoid. The famous flavour of Somango is still very present in this hybrid - as the sweet mango tantalizes the taste buds, there's also a distinct skunky, earthy flavour.

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