Outdoor Grower Certification

Outdoor Grower Certification


Duration: 1 Month

Format: 100% Online

Enrollment: Forever

Audience: Cannabis Cultivation


Become a certified Outdoor Grower today…and the sky is the limit. Our Outdoor Grower Certification is a comprehensive training about outdoor growing. You will learn everything you need to know to successfully cultivate cannabis outdoors for the cannabis industry. Outdoor growing has many advantages, but the primary one is the power of the sun! Not only is sunlight free, but it is also the best possible light we can give our plants.

Whether you are an experienced outdoor grower or just starting out, our Outdoor Grower Certification will give you the knowledge you need to be successful right away. All plants – including cannabis – have evolved for thousands of years under the sun’s natural light.

For the first-time grower with limited resources, an indoor grow can prove too costly to be an option, but an outdoor garden can yield plenty of quality cannabis without a large monetary investment. Outdoor gardening can also be an enjoyable and fruitful endeavor in addition to an indoor grow room if you need additional growing space.

Growing cannabis outdoors provides great yields, but it can be tricky. There are dozens of factors that must be perfectly controlled when growing outdoors. To grow top-quality cannabis outdoors, you must be properly trained to approach growing as a business. Our Outdoor Grower Certification will help you. Growing outside means fresh air, natural sunlight, soil between your hands and the ability to easily grow cannabis in its natural environment. It is very rewarding.


Micro-Learning Format

  • Video: 25 Interactive Trainings
  • Resource: 25 eBook Guides
  • Assessment: 9 Quiz Activities
  • Glossary: Industry Terms
  • Display: Badge & Certificate



Cannabis Life Cycle

Seeds and Seedlings

Vegetative Growth

Harvesting Cannabis

Outdoor Cultivation

Electricity and Timers

Soil and Containers

Water and Nutrients

Pests, Fungi and Diseases

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