Reflective Indoor Grow Tent - 60 x 60 x 140cm

Reflective Indoor Grow Tent - 60 x 60 x 140cm

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Professional grade - Seedleme Indoor Grow Tents are free-standing, versatile and durable. Can be used for a variety of growing systems -soil-based, hydroponic and aeroponic. The design allows the growing environment to be perfectly controlled with the vent system, which can be opened or closed as needed to adjust the temperature, moisture/humidity, carbon dioxide (co2) levels and light. Also compatible with all types of lights, (grow lights are not included and need to be purchased separately). Light bounces off the interior reflective surface, ensuring no light wastage. Light and moisture do not leak into, or out of, the grow tent. This highly efficient reflective surface is mildew and fire-resistant, non-toxic and completely washable. The opaque, heavy-duty,600D oxford nylon shell is a puncture, water, mildew and fire-resistant. Interior and exterior are thermally bonded, will not separate or tear. Removable overhead rails and straps make provision for hanging grow lights etc. A separate floor tray provides extra protection from accidental spills. Seedleme Indoor Grow Tents use industrial coil zips, designed to go around corners and curves without coming apart. Tabs are used to keep the door open while you work. Drawstrings are attached to ducted ports to allow you to increase or decrease sizes of openings used for ventilation, wiring, filtration systems etc. Meshed window openings have flaps. Frame pipes are made from powder-coated tubular steel on these sturdy grow tents, which are quick and easy to assemble.


What's in the box
Set of 16mm powder-coated tubes for the frame. Set of corner fittings. Grow tent with a zippered door. Drip tray. Overhead rails and straps. Instruction manual.



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