How To Determine Valid Identification Training

How To Determine Valid Identification Training

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To keep your business beyond reproach, it is critical to stay in compliance with your local age requirements when selling cannabis. Our training on how to determine valid identification (ID) can help you arm your staff with the skills they need to ensure compliance and be effective.

Licenses are becoming ever easier to forge, so fake ID’s is growing more common. As well, the fake identification tends to look more real or like valid identification. Spotting fakes can be tough. In this training, you will learn to examine the identification carefully by studying minute details and make use of different methods. You will understand the importance of asking relevant questions during tricky situations to double confirm customer’s licenses and safeguard your business from illegal selling.

Your clients must meet the local age requirements, our training provides many tips and techniques for checking identification to determine that it is valid. The customer must present identification that verifies their age so they must prove they are of legal age or older and you can always ask for secondary identification if you are unsure.

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