Grow Tent Kit - Perpetual Harvest

Grow Tent Kit - Perpetual Harvest

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The perfect package deal for anyone who wants to still reap the rewards of gardening but where a garden/space isn’t available. Gardening in a grow tent offers several unique advantages to outdoor gardening- there are fewer pests, requires less space, not as messy, they give you more control over the climate.


Save Space
Multi-Chamber Grow Tent has an area for each stage of the grow process namely; propagation, vegetation and flowering which eliminates the need to have multiple tents.
Durability and Security:
Manufactured from extra thick 600D canvas material that is double stitched, 100% tear-proof and 100% light proof. The frame is made completely from steel, including all of the corners to ensure security and stability. Interconnecting poles allow for easy assembly without the need for any tools during set-up.


Light Proof:
Constructed with heavy-duty zippers to preserve your grow and allow easy accessibility. The inner mylar layer of the canvas is 95% reflective allowing your plants and vegetables to get the most out of your lighting.


Clean and Controlled:
There are removable mylar floor trays for each area, making it easy to remove and clean without any hassles. All floor trays have straps to secure them in place and prevent them from moving. All tent ventilation windows have a micro mesh to prevent any pests from getting into your growth and allows for more air to flow through your grow. All duct holes have dual clinching to ensure no light will escape and no pests will intrude.


What's in the box
1 x Multi-Chamber Grow Tent Kit(120cm x 90cm x 180cm)
1 x 1200w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
1 x 600w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
1 x Propagation dome and tray
1 x 18w LED Strip Light
1 x Heat Mat and Thermostat
1 x 4”x12” Carbon Filter
1 x 4” Inline Fan
1 x Variable Fan Speed Controller
1 x Flex Ducting (7.6m)
4 x 4” Steel Clamps
1 x 6-Tier Drying Rack
1 x LED Grow Room Glasses
2 x USB Clip Fans
4 x 3 Gallon Fabric Pots
4 x 12” Saucers
1 x Thermo-Hygro Meter
1 x Analogue Programmable Timer
1 x Trimming Scissors
1 x 3’x30’ Trellis Netting
4 x 1/8” Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets
1 x Instruction Manual

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