Gold Malawian Lightning

Gold Malawian Lightning

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Gold Malawian Lightning, bred by Green Smoke Room Seeds, is an indica-dominant hybrid that combinesWhite Lighting and Malawi Gold.


Gold Malawian Lighting, being mostly indica in nature induces a deep calming sensation that relieves painnausea, and anxiety. Enclosed in crystal-like trichomes, Gold Malawian Lightning has a sweet, fruity aroma with skunky undertones. Some of the most common conditions that can be treated with Gold Malawian Lightning are multiple sclerosisinsomniaanorexiaParkinson’s, and the side effects of chemotherapy.


Gold Malawian Lightning flowers in 8 weeks, giving yields of up to 600g/m2 per plant and grows best in hydroponic systems and sea of green environments where THC levels of 26% and CBD of up to 5% can be expected.  

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