FlexiTank Pro

FlexiTank Pro


The FlexiTank Pro is yet another advance in our program to bring AutoPot Watering Systems to every kind of growing environment. A reflective, light-tight skin makes the FlexiTank Pro the perfect solution in bright, high temperature situations. Further enhancements come in the shape of internal capacity markings and an ultra-strong, anti-tip, fully collapsible design.

The FlexiTank Pro’s reflective and light-tight skin beautifully disguises an extremely rugged, fully collapsible design within. Concealed tank supports and internal capacity markings add neat edges to the proven, ultra-strong, ultra-practical FlexiTank design.

Utilizes the same accessories and fittings for easy integration with existing AutoPot Watering Systems.


100L Pro

  • Capacity: 100 ltr
  • Box size and weight:

51 x 51 x 13cm/3.4kg

  • When full of water:

48.5cm Diameter x 70cm High

225L Pro

  • Capacity: 225 ltr
  • Box size and weight:

61 x 61 x 13cm/5.3kg

  • When full of water:

58.5cm Diameter x 85cm High

400L  Pro

  • Capacity: 400 ltr
  • Box size and weight:

76 x 76 x 13cm/7.1kg

  • When full of water:

73.5cm Diameter x 105cm High


Flexitank Pro Instructions

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