Emergency Action Plan Training

Emergency Action Plan Training

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To stay safe while at work, it is essential to have proper exit routes. Every year thousands of workers are injured or even die because of nonexistent or inappropriate exit routes. This problem is easily solved with just a bit of prevention. Our Emergency Action Plan (or EAP) training will help you ensure your workplace is safe, compliant, and easy to exit in the event of an emergency.

First and foremost, it must be site and operation specific. That is, customized to the business’s operations, accounting for things such as the building layout, the materials used for operations, the operational procedures, and the resources available, including trained personnel. Unfortunately, inadequate emergency action plans are responsible for more casualties and fatalities than the initial emergency.

Our Emergency Action Plan will give you a basic understanding of the means of egress, what to do during an emergency, and fire protection response. Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility, and with our Emergency Action Plan training, you will be prepared to save lives and ensure your workplace or business is fully compliant.

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