DROMEX Infrared Thermometer

DROMEX Infrared Thermometer

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DROMEX Infrared Thermometer


Dromex® infrared hand held thermometer, is designed to scan
the forehead of groups of individuals or for monitoring an individual in
detection of elevated temperatures, without having to be in direct contact of
the person. This thermometer also measures temperature of objects.
The lightweight Dromex thermometer features the following:
• An automatic high temperature warning alarm, which sirens when
measurements are above 38°C.
• One second temperature measurement results due to the high sensor
• An LED luminous display function, suitable for measuring at night (also
prevents disturbance for babies).
• One key operation.
• Has a large memory capacity memory that stores up to 32 measurements,
ideal for monitoring of children and sick patients.
This scanner is suitable for use when conducting temperature checks used by
hospitals, offices, airports, at home and mobile screenings.


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