Cannabis Pruning & Bending Training

Cannabis Pruning & Bending Training

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In order to have the best possible yield, plants you have grown from seed or have cloned will need to be pruned or bent occasionally. This will also keep your cannabis healthy. In this training, you will learn exactly how to bend and prune your cannabis plants.

In our Pruning and Bending training, you will learn the best tools for pruning and bending, the optimal time to prune or bend, and how to graft to clone. You will also explore the most effective and safest method for pruning, to avoid as much potential damage to your plants as possible afterwards. Plants that are regenerated, cloned, or grown from seed will need to be either pruned or bent from time to time.

We will review the instruments used to bend and prune cannabis and how the timing when you prune can impact the bounty of your harvest. In this training, you will learn the best timing for pruning your plants during the growth cycle to maximize your harvest and not damage them.

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