Cannabis Industry Worker Safety Training

Cannabis Industry Worker Safety Training

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A safe workplace allows employees to be more productive and feel secured. In lieu, employers must ensure high standards of workplace safety and provide effective training to create awareness among staff.

All workers in the cannabis industry, including those who cultivate, manufacture, distribute, sell, and test cannabis products, must take steps to protect themselves from all health and safety hazards associated with their work.

Several government regulations apply to workplaces in the cannabis industry, and you will review helpful resources for providing a safe and healthy workplace in the cannabis industry. In this training, you will learn about different types of workplace hazards in the cannabis industry, how to mitigate the risks involved and outline the safety measures.

Furthermore, you will explore situational hazards and understand the active role of workers and management in creating a safe and healthy workplace. The training provides a disciplinary approach towards hazard assessment and curating effective management programs.

It will enable employees to follow the best practices when working in different conditions as per the standards or guidelines defined so as to reduce damage and loss of life.

The training will fully equip you to identify workplace hazards, formulate safety guidelines, execute management programs, follow recommended practices in order to achieve the safety objectives, and foster a healthy and safe workplace.

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