Cannabis Flowering Training

Cannabis Flowering Training

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Flowering is a critical part of the cannabis plant’s annual life cycle. Expert growers keep separate growing areas in an indoor garden, so their plants that are flowering are separated from those in vegetative growth. In this training, you will also learn how to induce flowering in your cannabis garden along with how growth patterns and chemistry change.

In our flowering cannabis training, you will explore how to meet the nutrient requirements of your plants no matter what growth stage they are in. We will be looking at the cannabis life cycle, male pre-flowering and flowering, and female pre-flowering and flowering. As well, you will go in-depth when it comes to inducing flowering indoors and outdoors.

Of course, you will want to separate your male plants from your female plants. The flowering stage is when you can conclusively know whether your cannabis is male or female. Then, you will be able to work toward maximum plant health, quality, and harvest yield. Handling the flowering stage properly is critical to success, and you will learn exactly how with our Flowering Cannabis training.

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