Cannabis Concentrates Training

Cannabis Concentrates Training

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Cannabis concentrates are a way to enjoy the effects of cannabis without a traditional delivery method like smoking. There are several ways to make cannabis concentrates, and many ways to enjoy them. It is important to fully understand the process and safety concerns, as well as the amount of time before the effects will begin so you can properly advise customers.

In this training, you will learn all the basics of cannabis concentrates, from production to consumption. There are so many types of cannabis concentrates, and in this training, you will explore them all. You will learn about commonly known water-based concentrates, widely-used fat-based concentrates, and less-known but increasingly popular solvent-based concentrates.

With solvent-based concentrates, there are more safety concerns. Whether you wish to produce your own concentrates or make informed purchasing decisions, we’ve got you covered. You will explore the top ways to identify quality products as well as safe solvents for doing it yourself. Solvents can be dangerous, so it is critical to understand all aspects.

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