Cannabis Bakery Equipment Training

Cannabis Bakery Equipment Training

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The bakery business in the cannabis industry can be an enjoyable and rewarding profession, but some bakery processes can also be hazardous. Persons who work in bakery operations should be instructed on how to avoid or prevent potential hazards and be properly trained to follow recommended safe work practices. As cannabis consumption becomes a part of everyday life in states that legalized it early, consumers’ demand for edibles is shifting from just getting high.

The popularity of gummies and other confections is also pushing bakers to step up their cannabis-infused products. For a bakery business to be fully safe, cannabis industry-specific safety knowledge is required when baking cannabis-infused products. The bakery industry is enjoyable and rewarding, but some bakery processes can be hazardous. We will help you understand and avoid the potential hazards in your workplace.

Whether you are an employee or a bakery owner, you can take part in ensuring that potential hazards are avoided, and workers are properly trained to follow recommended safe work practices. Our bakery equipment safety training applies to the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of machinery and equipment used within a bakery. Bakery equipment is a term that encompasses a lot, such as moving blades, mixing arms, and conveyors on dough brakes, pie and tart machines, mixers, rollers, and dividers pose cutting and caught/crush hazards.  Some key facets of prevention include maintaining equipment in good condition, guarding moving and sharp parts, and keeping equipment clearances to avoid accidentally bumping into moving parts. You can ensure your bakery is safe for everyone. With our bakery equipment safety training, you will learn everything you need to know to prevent and avoid hazards in a bakery environment.


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