Air Cooled Electronic Grow Light Combo - Powerlux 600W, 150mm

Air Cooled Electronic Grow Light Combo - Powerlux 600W, 150mm

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Power up your growing with this Air-Cooled Electronic Grow Light Combo - Powerlux 600W,150mm (6"). Ideal for a 100 x 100 cm tent or larger setups that require additional cooling.

An air-cooled reflector allows you to vent hot air generated by your lights directly out of your growing area, thereby keeping it much cooler.
The glass and cool air between the light bulb and the outside of the reflector allow you to bring your lights much closer to your plants, which means you can get a higher light intensity at the canopy.

You can either connect the reflector inline with your carbon filter and fan or if you have a larger setup with multiple reflectors you can use a dedicated fan and ducting system.

This is a versatile grow light combo with a premium 600W ballast which you can use with pretty much any grow tent/room size. For larger setups, simply add more of these combos and connect the reflectors in series with your ventilation ducting.



  • Powerlux Dimmable Electronic Ballast - 600W
  • MH Grow Light Bulb - 600W
  • HPS Grow Light Bulb - 600W
  • Air Cooled Reflector - 150mm (6")
  • 24h Analog Timer
  • Pynch 1/8" Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets - Pair
  • Lamp & Reflector Cleaning Cloth
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