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The Fundamentals of Cannabis Mastery - First Edition (FCM1)

Course Price

R 4200.00

Course length

44 x 1hr Lessons over 5 months covering core concepts in 12 modules.


Byron T. Bernard

Double Certified Master of Cannabis, Double Certified Dispensary / Pharmacy Technician & Director of The Cannabis Industry, Delta 9 Envirop, NinjaStar Digital, and Board Member at The Human Rights Front of South Africa.

About the course

Module 1: History of Cannabis.
This module covers the history of cannabis both globally and locally, in South Africa.

Module 2: Cannabis Cultivation.
This module deals with all the aspects of cannabis cultivation and care from choosing the seeds you
need, to looking after your growing plant and finally harvesting your bud.

Module 3: Cannabis Cuisine and Extractions.
This very exciting module will give you information on how to use cannabis in your cooking at home
or for your restaurant business. It will also supply you with information on how to do cannabis
extractions for health purposes.

Module 4: Cannabis Laws and Regulations
This module covers information about the current cannabis laws and regulations both here and

Module 5: Budtending
Budtending is indeed an artful profession. This module gives you an opportunity to learn about the
ins-and-outs of cannabis client care.

Module 6: Cannabis Dispensary Operations
This module offers some very helpful knowledge on the requirements needed to set up your own
cannabis dispensary. At some point during the business training modules, we will be doing a deep dive study of the Compliance Regulations in South Africa and how to get your licence.

Module 7: Cannabis Delivery Service Operations
This module covers all aspects of cannabis delivery, from logistics to transport options.

Module 8: Cannabis as Medicine
This module provides useful information on how and why cannabis is used for medicine.

Module 9: Cannabis Business Training
This module offers you all the particulars about cannabis business training.

Module 10: Cannabis Careers
This module offers you in depth look at about the types of cannabis careers that are available in the
world today.

Module 11:Revision for Final Exam
Module 12: Cannabis and Spirituality

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