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Seeds and Seedlings Studies

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R 275

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3 hrs


Byron T. Bernard

Master of Cannabis (double-certified) - Director, The Cannabis Industry

About the course

Micro-Learning Format
Video: 3 Interactive Trainings
Resource: 3 eBook Guides
Assessment: 3 Quiz Activities
Glossary: Industry Terms
Display: Digital Certificate

Cannabis Seeds
You can learn the art of growing healthy buds and plants beginning all the way at cannabis seeds. You will learn how to germinate the seeds, vegetate the seedlings, pollinate the plants, flower them, thin and select the strongest seedlings, then clone them for optimal growth. Even experts can benefit from this in-depth look at all aspects of seed growing. The top learning objectives of the cannabis seeds component are:
You will discover the genetic characteristics of a cannabis plant.
You will explore how and where to purchase and store your cannabis seed.
You will learn which types of seed grow best indoors or prefer outdoors.
You will master how to tell if a plant is worth keeping and cloning.

Cannabis Strains
There is a huge variety of cannabis strains available, and each boasts different medical uses, plant size, chemical makeup, and potency. There are pure strains as well as hybrid varieties. We will guide you through learning about the characteristics of each strain. The primary learning objectives for the cannabis strains component are:
You will discover the chemical makeup and potency of different strains, as well as their effect on the consumer.
You will explore the history of the cannabis plant.
You will learn where different strains come from.
You will master how to identify strains at a glance.

Germination and Seedlings
You will discover the complex processes through which a cannabis seed goes from a dormant to active, and how to achieve this with soil or with a hydroponic medium. Fully understanding germination procedures is fundamental to ensure you don’t waste your time or money. We will guide you through how to germination of cannabis seeds, which can be lucrative. The key learning objectives for the cannabis germination and seedlings component are:

You will discover the ideal lighting needed for seedlings.
You will explore what cannabis seeds need to germinate.
You will learn techniques to grow more female plants from seed.
You will master proper care of seedlings.

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