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Making Cannabis Medicine Studies

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3 hrs


Byron T. Bernard

Master of Cannabis (double-certified) - Director, The Cannabis Industry

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Hash Results From Separation of Trichomes
Micro-Learning Format
Video: 3 Interactive Training
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Assessment: 3 Quiz Activities
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Cannabis has long been known as something of a miracle plan, helping people with innumerable ailments for over 10,000 years. Now that it’s escaping the shroud of taboo and becoming mainstream knowledge, what should you know? In this training, you will explore how cannabis affects the body, and the positive ways cannabis can be used as medicine. Medicinal uses for cannabis are plentiful, and its use is growing in popularity.

You will discover the emerging political issues and enforcement environment.
You will explore the clinical benefits of cannabis as well as research summaries and scientific applications.
You will learn the basics of the endocannabinoid receptor system and the body’s interaction with the cannabis plant.
You will master the therapeutic uses of cannabis.

Hash is an incredibly potent product that you can sustainably create with parts of your cannabis plants that would otherwise not be used. Since making hash is an ancient art form, there is a right way and a wrong way to go. The primary learning objectives of the making hash component are:

You will discover the yield of hash you can expect based on how much cannabis you have.
You will explore the safety and health hazards related to some hash-producing methods.
You will learn various methods for producing the hash.
You will master how to make high-quality hash using the method of your choice.

You can maximize your garden productivity by turning your leftover trim into a wonderful product that can be enjoyed by many and bring you a profit. You will merge the art of cooking with the cannabis plant and make wonderful creations. The key learning objectives of the edibles and concentrates component are:

You will discover the easiest and most effective methods of cannabis extraction.
You will explore the different edibles and concentrates you can do yourself.
You will learn about the safety concerns associated with various extraction methods.
You will master the most common mediums for cannabis extraction.

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