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Getting Ready To Clone

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R 175

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1 hr


Byron T. Bernard

Master of Cannabis(double-certified) - Director, The Cannabis Industry

About the course

Clones go through an incredible transformation when they change from a growing tip of a mother plant to a severed cutting, finally to a fully-developed and rooted plant. In our training, you will explore precisely how and where to take a clone clipping from on your ideal female plant. As well, you will learn how to prevent common downfalls when cloning such as embolisms and more.

Cloning is always traumatic for your cannabis plant, but there are strategies to make the process less troubling and more successful. You will discover what you can do for your cannabis plant before, during, and after the cutting to clone process to ensure both the mother plant and cloned plant thrive afterwards.

Learning Objectives
You will discover how to prepare the mother plan to cope with the stress of the cutting process.
You will explore the chemistry changes that occur throughout the cloning process.
You will learn the precautions to take when cloning, to avoid damage to the mother and a clone failure.
You will master nutrient and water requirements for clones.

Avoid Air Embolisms When Cloning Plants
Micro-Learning Format
Video: Interactive Training
Resource: eBook Guide
Assessment: Quiz Activity
Glossary: Industry Terms
Display: Digital Certificate

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