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Cannabis Industry Safety Programs

Course Price

R 375

Course length

1 hr


Byron T. Bernard

Master of Cannabis (double-certified) - Director, The Cannabis Industry

About the course

In this training, you will learn about hazard assessment and management, protective measures and plans in case of an emergency, and how to mitigate risk at the earliest.

That being said, you will explore effective hazard controls, communication plans, and gain knowledge of different types of hazards associated with varied job roles in the cannabis industry. The training demonstrates legal obligations and compliance regarding safety standards that the industry must follow regardless of the size, nature, and activities involved in the organization.

The training will enlighten on how qualitative safety processes, precautionary measures, and protection plans can help you achieve the highest health and safety standards to avoid workplace incidents.

Learning Objectives
You will discover different types of industrial hazards associated with varied job titles in the cannabis industry along with authorized employees’ duties towards early control.
You will explore a number of control options, evaluating, reviewing, and improving already defined control and protection programs at regular intervals.
You will learn about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and how to protect oneself during different stages of growing and processing cannabis.
You will master identifying occupational hazards, communicate and execute effective measures in addition to curation emergency action plans.

Adequate Industry Programs Ensure Safety
Micro-Learning Format
Video: 1 Engaging Training
Resource: 1 eBook Handout
Assessment: 1 Quiz Activity
Display: Digital Certificate

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