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Cannabis Dispensary Technician Certification

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Byron T. Bernard

Double-certified Master of Cannabis, Subject Matter Expert, and Director of The Cannabis Industry

About the course

Whether you’re new to the role or have been a Dispensary Technician for a while, our certification training will give you the tools you need to become a well-known and approachable expert for your clients. We train you on all the important aspects of cannabis so that you can provide education to customers as well as compassionate recommendations for the patients that you serve.

Education is a powerful tool for you to attract new customers, increase positive community relationships, and ensure the safe operation of the dispensary. Your customers have a wide variety of needs, and you need specialized knowledge to help them no matter where their needs fall.

You will receive the training for the most popular position in a cannabis dispensary, the Dispensary Technician. As the industry is rapidly growing in legitimacy, our training will provide you with the skill-set and knowledge needed to succeed in this position. Our training and certification curriculum will equip you with the knowledge necessary to be a valuable member of the dispensary team.

Take the initiative to get certified today, to solidify your expert-level knowledge and give you a much-needed competitive edge. You’ll be glad you did.


Dispensary Role and Skills
Effects and Impairment
Valid Identification and Consumption
Cannabis and Medicine
Delivery Methods and Abuse
Cannabis Chemistry
Hash and Edibles
Cannabis Life Cycle
Seeds and Clones
Growing Environments
Harvesting Cannabis

Micro-Learning Format

Video: 27 Interactive Training
Resource: 27 eBook Guides
Assessment: 11 Quiz Activities
Glossary: Industry Terms
Display: Badge & Certificate
Budtenders must stay abreast of trends in the industry, as well. With the expert-level knowledge, you will gain in our Dispensary Technician Certification, you will be better equipped to spot and foresee trends, and pass that benefit on to your client, business, or employer. You know as well as we do that this industry is becoming increasingly competitive.

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