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Cannabis Clones, Cloning, and Mothers

Course Price

R 175

Course length

1 hr


Byron T. Bernard

Master of Cannabis (double-certified) - Director, The Cannabis Industry

About the course

Just like growing from seed, there are several growth stages when working with clones. Learn how the seedling growth stage lasts for two to three weeks after seeds have germinated. Once a strong root system is established, and foliage growth increases rapidly, seedlings enter the vegetative growth stage. Our Clones, Cloning, and Mothers training will walk you through how to best care for your plants at each stage.

Caring for a cloned plant requires patience and precision, and you will be well-prepared. You will explore nutrient needs, water requirements, and lighting suggestions to optimize your growing conditions for the greatest possible harvest. Following our recommendations, your cloned plant should be of just as high quality as your initial mother plant. You can continue to enjoy your favourite cannabis plant perpetually.

Learning Objectives
You will discover how to select the perfect mother plant.
You will explore preserving the genetics of the cannabis plant.
You will learn how to reduce the time it takes for a crop to mature.
You will master “perpetual harvesting” using our cloning and timing techniques.

Cloning is Very Traumatic for Mother Plants
Micro-Learning Format
Video: Interactive Training
Resource: eBook Guide
Assessment: Quiz Activity
Glossary: Industry Terms
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